Texas. It’s a huge place, and with such a variety of geography and climates comes a multitude of soil types—each of which affect your home in unique ways.

With this type of complexity, you need a foundation repair company that knows the best solution for a given soil type. At Perma-Pier, we know Texas soil. In fact, we’re the only foundation repair company in Texas with a full-time, on-staff geologist, so there isn’t a soil type that we don’t know. Why is this so important when deciding who should repair your foundation?

Say your home or commercial property is located in Dallas. Your soil is likely made up of a blend of three soil types (Austin chalk, Ozan Marl and Eagle Ford), each of which have their own unique sub-types. Your foundation repair company should understand that this unique blend of soil (due to its higher clay content) is susceptible to soil expansion that can lead to foundation issues.

What about Fort Worth—just a few miles away—which is typically made up of two altogether different soil types (Eagle Ford and Woodbine)? These can become unstable in the presence of high moisture. This unique soil composition can lead to an entirely different type of foundation problem than one would find in Dallas, and one that requires a uniquely different solution.

Or perhaps you’re in the Houston area. While sharing soil types similar to the Dallas-Fort Worth area, they behave in a completely different manner due to the presence of sand. Sandy soil possesses a unique property: the ability to shift laterally underneath your foundation. Your foundation issue cannot be effectively repaired if your soil’s sand content hasn’t been accurately assessed.

Your repair company should recognize one of the major advantages of Austin and San Antonio soils. While they too share some similarities with the Dallas-Fort Worth area, Austin and San Antonio tend to be much rockier, which typically lends itself to greater stability. While this may appear, on paper, to be the best soil for building foundations, there is such soil variation that homes even a block apart may not share the same advantages.

Foundation repair—especially in Texas—cannot be approached with a single-solution mindset. Texas soils are just too unique and varied. Perma-Pier understands the importance of accurately identifying the soil underneath your home, which is why we include a full-time geologist on our team of experts. Without first understanding the soil your foundations sits on, recommending the right foundation repair is impossible.

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